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How do I get acrylic items cheaply?

A good price require that you do some thinking about design, materials and production. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Check Price and Availability
    One of the advantages of acrylic is the options. An almost infinite number of colors, thicknesses and surfaces. But it also means that all types are not in stock or must first be produced. Before you settled on a type you can explore whether it is in stock, time of delivery etc. Maybe there is a color or type that is close to your original choice, but is much cheaper.
  • Think of sheet format / length profile
    Extruded acrylic sheets comes as standard in the format 1250 x 2050 mm and 2050 x 3050 mm. Molded sheets in the format 2030 x 3050 mm. Profiles are supplied in lengths of two or four meters. If possible, you should construct your part so as to minimize wastage. Eg. A sheet format at 700 x 700 mm is a bad choice. 600 x 600mm a good choice (see example below). Often you have to pay for wastage yourself. Especially if you have selected a special color or surface. There is no one else the waste can be sold to.
  • Get the design evaluated early
    There is not much about a great idea, that cannot be realized. When you have a clear idea about the design, contact a service with a sketch or drawing. Perhaps it is too difficult to produce or cannot be done. Maybe you will also be advices about better and cheaper ways to do it.
  • Ask for prices at different no of items
    The price of costume specific items is heavily dependent on number of items. Below is an example from our sales quote system. A lot of money can be to saved by ordering 1 x 100 items instead of 10 x 10.
  • Consider freight
    Sales quotes from order producing companies are usually given in terms of delivery "ex works". This means that you pay freight and is responsible for the risk. Acrylic is fragile and packed to fill much. Addition, the transportation company usually cannot stack it. This allows the freight to be a big part of the price. If you can construct items so that they can be loaded into each or assembled at the final destination, the price and risk can be reduced significantly.
  • Place your order early
    Even if you have studied the delivery time of acrylic and production time, it does not mean that it is the case when you place your order. Perhaps the material is not in stock anyway, production time is longer than expected and suddenly you items have to be produced with overtime and sent express. If you have a deadline to be met, it quickly becomes expensive. However, it is general recognized and reluctantly accepted that people working within advertising have gene defects, requiring them to book too late.
  • Avoid unnecessary tolerances
    More in the next section.
Priseksemple på acryl
The price for customer specified parts highly depend on the number of items. Above is an example from Induflex’s sales quote system. The high price for small numbers is due to startup of machinery. If it takes ½ hour to set up a machine, the set up price is approximated $30. When ordering 5 items, the setup price therefore represents $30/5 = $6/item. The setup price pr item for 100 items is $30/100 = 0.3$/item. In addition, general administrative cost (Order scheduling, invoicing, etc) is $25-50, also add to the cost per item.

acryl pladeoptimering
Example of an unfortunate choice of sheet size.
Sheets of 700 x 700 mm will result in a wastage of 60% when they cut out of flat acrylic sheets.
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