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Acrylic versus polycarbonate

Polycarbonate (trade name Lexan, Makrolon) is a transparent plastic, which competes with acrylic. It is especially known for very high tensile strength and is used as bulletproof glass and for vandalism protection. Furthermore, it is widely used in electronic instruments. Compared with acrylic:
  • Price
    Polycarbonate is 2-3 times more expensive than acrylic.
  • Machining
    Polycarbonate is easier to machine with milling, turning and sawing than acrylic because it can not shatter.
  • Laser cutting
    Polycarbonate becomes yellow and burnt when laser cut. Foils up to 0.5 mm can be laser cut to produces overlays. Laser cutting sheets can not be recommended.
  • Colors
    Color selection of polycarbonate sheets is limited.
  • Scratch robustness
    Polycarbonate is easier to scratch, but can as with acrylic be delivered with a hard-coated surface.
  • Strength
    Polycarbonate has a higher tensile strength.
  • UV light
    If polycarbonate is exposed to sunlight, it will gradually become yellow. But polycarbonate sheets can be supplied with a UV-resistant surface.
  • Light transmittance
    Light transmission is lower for polycarbonate (89%) compares to acrylic (92%).

Farvet polycarbonat plader Transparent colored polycarbonate. Available in thickness from 0.75 to 15 mm. Minimum order is 250 kg.
The range of colors is bigger in acrylic than polycarbonate. The same is the availability, because colored polycarbonate is not used so much.
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