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Acrylic - Machining of sheets and profiles

Welcome to pmma.dk. We produce acrylic parts (Plexiglas, acrylic) to customers within various industries: E-mail

We work with clients in various industries where acrylic is used very differently. Eg.:

Advertising, marketing and in-store
Signage, shelves, letters, brochure holders, dispensers, advertising artikes, awards etc.

Engineering and electronics
Optics, displays, guards, fixtures, spacers and mounting plates.

How to machine acrylic? Properties of Acrylic Q and A's
Laser cutting
Laser engraving
The use of Acrylic
Production of sheets and profiles
Chemical Resistance
Structural properties
Dimensional stability
Tension and notch
Printing on acrylic
Cast versus extruded acrylic
Acrylic versus glass
Acrylic versus polycarbonate
Trade names for acrylic
Environmental impacts of acrylics
How do I get acrylic items cheaply?
What are tolerances?
Where can acrylic be bought?
How big is the heat expansion of acrylic?

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